Rules of use for the inner block in Olšiny – Průběžná – Na Hroudě – U Hráze

  1. In the inner block, which is bounded by residential houses (hereinafter also referred to as "houses") in the streets V Olšinách, Průběžná, Na Hroud and U Hráze (hereinafter also referred to as "intrablock"), everyone is obliged to comply with these rules of use.
  2. Everyone uses the courtyard properly, sparingly and respectfully and in accordance with its purpose, i.e. in the manner of a garden in apartment buildings.
  3. Everyone in the inner block observes cleanliness and order; no one pollutes, damages or otherwise restricts or threatens the inner block its use or other people, their rights, life, health, safety, well-being and property. Everyone in the inner block makes sure that did not interfere with the proper exercise of rights (mainly proper housing), the legitimate interests and good name of the owners and authorized users of the surrounding real estate, which must not be disturbed by noise, odors, fumes, exhalations or other emissions. Everyone in the inner block complies laws, safety, hygiene, health, construction, monument, fire, evacuation and similar rules (including instructions in manuals for appliances, devices, etc.) and other legal regulations and technical standards (including recommendations), conditions relevant insurance companies, good manners and good neighborly relations, local rules and customs, customary rules of conduct in the garden of residential buildings, as well as the reasonable instructions of the owner and manager of the property (or its authorized user), in particular to maintain the proper order customary according to local conditions (including nighttime quiet and quiet on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays), respects the properties of the courtyard and surrounding properties and prevents accidents, malfunctions, defects and unfavorable the consequences of natural disasters, force majeure and similar phenomena (hereinafter also referred to as "accidents"), as well as threats to life, health, safety, property and peaceful living and the occurrence of harm and immision (hereinafter also referred to as "danger").
  4. After any use of the entrance to the inner block, everyone closes it; this applies to all doors, gates, gates, barriers, etc.
  5. No one will let anyone into the inner block whose identity or whose authorization to enter or entry they do not know or who is not fully aware of certainly not a foreign animal or vehicle.
  6. Noisy activities in the courtyard can only be carried out to the extent absolutely necessary, and always, unless the nature of the matter precludes it, in normal weekday working hours. From 10:00 p.m. each day until 6:00 a.m. the following day, the courtyard is quiet at night. During during the night, no one in the courtyard is disturbed or suffers from any noise; on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, it all applies pro rata.
  7. No one keeps, feeds or releases animals in the courtyard, nor leads them through the courtyard, walks them in the courtyard, etc.
  8. No one plays any ball or other sports games or sets up, places or operates similar activities in the courtyard sports and similar facilities and equipment.
  9. No dustbins and other waste containers are placed in the inner block, unless they are intended for the residents of the house (such a container if possible, placed on the part of the plot adjacent to the relevant house, i.e. outside the main concrete road).
  10. When using the courtyard, everyone takes into account the weather and similar conditions, as well as the fact that if the roads does not ensure the removal of snow and ice, etc., they have a regime corresponding to the sign "The road is not maintained in winter".
  11. No cars or other means of transport (hereinafter also referred to as "vehicles") are parked in the inner block. Any entry of vehicles into of the inner block is always only exceptional, occasional, reasonably related to the legitimate use of the surrounding houses and limited to authorized holders of the relevant remote control to open the gate, who can enter the inner block by vehicle only after authorized use controllers, and only for the absolutely necessary time of arrival, entry and exit of persons (possibly also loading and unloading of things) and of departure, always for a maximum period of 30 minutes after entering the inner block; at the same time, everyone follows the rules of entry.
  12. In the inner block no one puts down or keeps any things; no part of the inner block is used as a warehouse. For putting away everyone uses only dustbins and similar containers intended for the residents of the respective house for garbage and dirt; everyone sorts waste.
  13. No one throws any things from the house into the courtyard, knocks or dirty shoes, clothes, etc. Plants, flower pots and other things in windows to the inner block, they are always secured against falling.
  14. No one, even at their own expense, carries out any repairs, modifications, construction or similar work in the courtyard. No one in the courtyard does not establish, place or operate any structures and does not interfere with networks, distribution systems and other technical devices and equipment.
  15. Everyone in the inner block prevents fires. No one smokes or manipulates open flames, gas, electrical and similar appliances and devices, with explosives, flammables and dangerous devices and substances (including fuels, oils, firecrackers, etc.) or do anything else that could endanger the fire safety of the inner block and in Surroundings. Everything that could have a negative impact on fire safety in the inner block, everyone will report without undue delay to the relevant entities: depending on the nature of the matter, e.g. the owner or manager of the property (or its authorized user), the who caused the undesirable condition, to those who could be or were harmed by it, the police, the insurance company, etc.
  16. In the event of a fire, everyone loudly shouts "It's burning!" and (regardless of the extent of the fire and without waiting for the success of their own efforts to extinguish it) announces fire to the fire brigade (tel. 150 or 112); when announcing who is calling, where and what is on fire, and waits for a follow-up question, instructions or other procedure reporting rooms. In the event of a fire, everyone will keep calm and balance, avoid panic, take the necessary measures to save endangered people, leave endangered area, does not obstruct the fire brigade, the police and the medical rescue service and will provide them with assistance when called upon, or – if it is if possible - extinguish the fire or take the necessary measures to prevent the fire from spreading further (rescuing people always takes priority).
  17. Everyone is responsible for damage or other harm caused in connection with their use of the indoor block; if it caused damage to more than one person, they answer jointly and severally. Everyone immediately removes the risks and consequences of accidents and dangers at their own expense, as well as the consequences of unauthorized activities in the inner block caused by him or those he allowed to enter or enter the inner block. Each also documents the damage, accident, danger or consequences and informs the owner and manager of the property about them, always in advance, unless the nature of the matter precludes it, otherwise without undue delay; depending on the nature of the matter, also informs the police, insurance company, etc.
  18. Where the law is referred to in these regulations, this means the laws valid and effective in the Czech Republic, and depending on the nature of the matter, other generally binding legal regulations and technical standards (including recommendations), valid and effective in the Czech Republic, or even only on part of its territory, if there is an inner block in it. When talking about a controller, this also means other similar devices.
  19. If this regulation is not observed, the owner or administrator of the property (or its authorized user) can ensure its observance, including on the costs of the person who violated or did not fulfill his obligations; the same applies to maintenance and repairs, and to the elimination of risks and the consequences of accidents and danger, unauthorized modifications and unauthorized stored or stored items, as well as damage and pollution.